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Logan City Asbestos Management Plan Tips

Preventing the risk of asbestos exposure in the workplace is a national concern in Australia. Hence, by law, companies in Australia are required to prepare an AMP that details how they intend to deal with asbestos-containing materials (ACM) prior to starting any work on a building.

However, many seemed do not understand well the importance of doing so and the need to comply with current regulations in relations to ACM management as many firms in Logan City are still slapped with fines for non-compliance.

asbestos management plan Logan City

An AMP is a written document that will serve as a necessary guide for the prevention of exposure to airborne asbestos fibres while a fibrous material remains in a working place. It is a must for every building where a fibrous material has been identified. You also need to prepare it before a renovation or demolition project.

It ultimately aims to achieve an ACM-free workplace by clearly defining the procedures and responsibilities of individuals in charge to control the exposure of staff to this naturally occurring mineral now known to be a human carcinogen. Hence, developing one is a crucial step for many businesses address the potential hazard of fibrous products.

The plan should also contain information needed for staff to be fully aware of the potential hazard this mineral brings and also management decisions to ensure control measures and safe work procedures.
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Some tips to get started on working an Asbestos Management Plan Logan City

The first step in preparing a plan is to seek for a reliable contractor to undertake an ACM survey or a visual inspection of the workplace including collecting of suspected samples of fibrous materials for laboratory analysis.

  1. A risk assessment must be performed right after the result has been released to determine management options and decisions.
  2. The contractor should help you in writing a plan that will set out in detail how you should manage the risk of ACM.
  3. Your contractor for Asbestos Management Plan Logan City project should also help you implement procedures and control measures to prevent activities that may disturb asbestos.

For confirmed fibrous materials, it is necessary that labels be affixed to them to warn the staff and even visitors of the potential hazard. It’s thus necessary that the AMP indicate the person/s who will be responsible for taking reasonable steps to label and record the fibrous material in a register and other management roles and responsibilities.

The individuals in charge must be responsible for informing everyone in the building premises of the presence of the fibre, its health risk, suitable control measures and safe work methods.

It should therefore also follows details on training arrangements for workers carrying out responsibilities involving ACM and contractors as well as the means for passing on information to anyone who could possibly come into contact with fibrous products.

Furthermore, the plan should indicate how your firm intends to implement appropriate control measures depending on the severity of the situation as well as manage and monitor fibrous materials. This could include:

  1. Monitoring arrangements,
  2. imposing a restriction to areas with potential health risk from exposure
  3. and hiring a licensed contractor to remove the fibrous materials.

You may also try to control the fibres through encapsulation. This involves enclosure by sealing or using other physical barriers until all the ACM in the workplace are removed. In any case, always a good idea to seek an expert’s advice from a reliable ACM consultant. Everything, from assessment to monitoring, should all be recorded.

Another important detail that an effective Asbestos Management Plan Logan City needs not to miss is the periodic review of ACM surveys and inspections. This must be clearly outlined in the report.

A review must be done on an annual basis or at least every five years, or whenever a significant disturbance has occurred to immediately assess its health risks. An update of the document is also necessary whenever changes are made to a control measure or when it is deemed no longer adequate.

It is also vital to incorporate in the plan the procedures how to totally remove ACM as well as details of maintenance or service work.

To sum it up, the AMP should give full information on the company’s objectives in relation to dealing with the potential health hazard in the workplace. It must also state:

  • What?
  • When?
  • How it’s going to be done?
  • Who is responsible for what?

It also goes without saying that a timetable for action must be attached to the AMP. It must clearly state the priorities, dates for inspection and review of risk assessments as well as some certain occurrences that could affect the timetable.

Moreover, in order to keep the AMP current and relevant, make sure it is easy to read and regularly updated. The AMP must also be accessible to any worker or safety representatives.

What Asbestos Watch Logan City Can Do For You

We cannot overemphasize that to manage ACM effectively; you need to seek advice only from the experts.

work on asbestos management plan Logan City

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AMP services provided by our endorsed contractors include the following:

  • Creation of an effective, efficient, and practical plan to address and clean your fibre problems
  • Perform sampling, testing procedure, and the disposal of toxic waste at your commercial premise by a certified assessor
  • Removing friable roofing, fencing, sheeting products by a licensed removalist
  • Developing an implementation timeline for appropriate control measures
  • Keep and maintain an up-to-date register
  • Conduct risk assessment and implement control measures aimed at eliminating the risk of exposure
  • Ensure that all jobs undertaken are in compliant with regulations and guidelines.